I hear the gospel on my radio
the penetrating words of truth
I feel the breeze coming through the door 
it soothes me, as her voice is poured into my room

Amaj  Ebmi7 Amaj Ebmi7   Amaj
oooh, oooh

her music’s a bellows to stir up my embers
to light up my life, to warm me, like a burning old flame
and it lights up my passions, ignites my emotions
it stirs up my sorrow and it gnaws, it gnaws at my pain

rushing-down deep river flow, I hear you
surrounded by the city walls, I feel you
C#/H   C#/Ab	      Abmi	
I see you, when you shut the light
C#/H   C#/Ab	      Abmi
I see you, though you’re out of sight
H	      F#9	
I need you

Ref. H
The night we kissed, you touched my lips
with honeyed tongue
C#mi7	         H		F#7
enchantress, surrounded me
H					F#
embracing me, caressing me, with silver sounds
C#mi7		F#7
she tied me, in her melody
Amaj   Ebmi7    Amaj   Ebmi7
and she’s singing for me...

Stred: [: F#9 | Fmi7 | Emi7 | Ebmi7 | Ebmi7 :] 

H |  F#9 | E9 | F#9
“rushing down deep river flow…I need you“ 
Solo:			| Abmi | E9 | F#9 | Abmi | 
			| Abmi | E9 | F#9 | Abmi | 
			| Abmi | E9 | F#9 | Abmi | 
			| Abmi | E9 | F#9 | F#7 |