Blue Letters

(10. listopadu 1999, Olomouc/Praha)
[: A | D | A | D | A | D | E | E7 | 
   A | D | C#mi | C#mi7 | Hmi | Hmi7 | E | E7 :]
A 		        D 		A 	 D
You write blue letters on the paper sheets,
           A	   D	      E    E7	       
I see blue colors anytime we meet 
A	   D                   C#mi              C#mi7
you are blue even when the sky is white
Hmi		Hmi7		E
I feel like I will paint you dark tonight
E7		      A
and turn you inside out

You close your eyes and whisper with the discrete voice,
you say there is, but I know there is not really any choice
when you shut the door and I shut the guitar case
you ask me with the most innocent  face,
what the hell are you waiting for?

No sentence is too long to fit your mouth,
from east you make the west, from north you'll make the south
From town to town you fly on your easy wings
and tell the men the most dramatic things
and things they want to hear

You seem to be a person who's always right
as you find you're wrong, you're out of sight
and in the daylight your face seems so divine
don't try though to change my water into wine,
it's already been done

I wonder why you always come and go,
why sixteen times throughout the film you switch the row
and when for 15th time you've changed the whole your dress
I ask myself, should I be impressed
with your pretty eyes

Years have passed, but I still can hear that sound
the sound you made when I put your feet back on the ground
and for the first time, you didn't speak, as if you weren't there,
the question why was hanging in the air
but baby, I don't care

You write blue letters on the paper sheets,
and you're everything that I might ever need 
you are blue even when the sky is white
I feel like I might stay with you tonight
you got me with your lies/eyes.